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Event Profile

Working together as a TEAM to provide Indian customers with superior product and extraordinary services at a competitive prices. Provide each exhibitor and visitor challenging growth opportunity and financial achievement . To take ”Make India and Grow India” to the next level.

FitIndia Expo
Exhibitor Profile
  • Gym Equipment Manufacturers
  • Gym Accessories Manufacturers
  • Sporting Goods Manufacturers
  • Sports and Gym Appreal Manufacturers
  • Fitness Institutions
  • Energy Drink Manufacturers
FitIndia Expo
Visitors Profile
  • Distributors, Dealers & Retailers
  • Importers & Exporters
  • National & International sports
  • Federations and Associations
  • Coaches, Judges and instructor
  • Facilities & Services Provider

Marketing Reach & Penetration


Interactive Marketing

1- Direct meetings to invite Key Decision Makers to the show.

2- Direct BTL Promotion - Pan India.

3- VIP buyers and corporate decision makers based outreach programs.


Digital Marketing

1- Intense social media promotion and outreach to increase penetration and visibility.

2- Affiliate marketing

3- Through Website

4- Weekly emailers


Engagement- Based Marketing

1- Intense PR activities - globally in association with the various consulates and chamber of commerce.

2- Monthly press releases.

3- Discussions - interactive and virtual on key industry issues.

4- Exhibitor connect and engagement programs.

Other Marketing Activities

1- Radio advertisements

2- Associations with key corporate and trade journals

3- Outdoor media- hoardings, bus backs and bus shelters

4- Presence and activities in key industrial hubs

Print Media

1- Presence of event ads, sponsor ads, partner ads

2- Ads in trade and corporate journals across India

3- Intense mainline print plan

4- Advertorials in main line media


Other Partnership Opportunities


Venue Branding

  • Hanging Banners (ASIL bunting)
  • Pillar Branding
  • Walkway Banner
  • Vinyl Stickers (on panel / flooring)
  • Pole Bunting
  • Main Gate Banner
  • FOH Arch

Other Sponsorship

  • Water bottle
  • Tanning
  • Visitor bag
  • Wrist bands (entry pass/ tickets)
  • Show Directory

Outdoor Marketing Sponsor

  • Outdoor Hoarding
  • Bus backs
  • Railway station & trains
  • Radio spots
  • Newspapers

Special Event

  • Body Building Competition
    •      Gold
    •      Silver
    •      Powered by
  • Strong Man of India
    •      Equipment
    •      Powered by
  • CrossFit
    •      Equipment
    •      Powered by
  • Conference / Seminar
    •      Title Sponsor
    •      Powered by Sponsor
  • Awards

**Sponsorship Deliverables & Costings Upon Request **

Rate Card


Cost of Stall

(Shell Space)


Per sq. mtr.

Provided with facia (with name printed), carpet, furniture, spotlights, dustbin & plug point. The above mentioned accessories differ according to stall size.


(in sq. mtrs)

12x10,000= 1,20,000/-

+18 / GST

Cost of Stall

(Bare Space)


Per sq. mtr.

Provided with bare floor. Additional electricity needs to be purchased, no other provision provided.


(in sq. mtrs)

12x8,000= 96,000/-

+18 / GST

In case of shell space converting into bare, will be eligible to all shell space provisions. On the other hand, if bare space converting into shell space, will have to pay the difference in amount.


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